Satisfaction Guarantee now offers a fixing policy

     It is usually difficult to make a shirt or suit that will perfectly fit a person especially when it is tailored. However, believe it or not, is one of the few websites that can guarantee a perfect fit garment for you. People often ask us how do we do it. It is actually easy if customers follow our two easy steps when filling out our online measurement form:

1. Take the step-by-step measurement as shown in the measurement form in our website.

2. Upload the front, back, and side view pictures of yourself.

Now, it's our duty to compare your measurements with the pictures of you, and we will be able to estimate your size with high accuracy.

What happens if it doesn't fit you?

Since it's our responsibility, it is crucial that we fix it or make new garments for you immediately. For this case, we will ask you to wear the outfit(s) that needs alteration and take a picture you wearing them showing what is wrong. We will then see if we can fix it or not. If we can fix it, we will ask you to send them back to us. However, if we think it is difficult to alter it, we will make new ones for you immediately. All of this will be free of charge.